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Found a swarm?

Stay calm & call a local beekeeper!

Most people who are unfamiliar with honey bees have a natural fear of them when they occur in large numbers. But swarming bees are very docile and are not inclined to sting provided they are left alone and a few common sense precautions are taken. 

Should a swarm decide to settle on your property:

  • Keep children and pets inside for half an hour or so, until the flying bees have clustered on to a bush or other object.
  • Once the swarm has formed a cluster, usually about the size of a football, and most of the bees have stopped flying, it is safe to be outside pursuing your usual activities.
  • Keep clear of the swarm until you can arrange to have it removed.
  • Always wear footwear to protect your feet in case the odd bee has settled on the ground.
  • Keep clear of bee swarms until it is professionally removed.

Do not hose the swarm with water, throw stones at it, smoke the bees or take any action to encourage the swarm to move. These do-it-yourself remedies will provoke the bees, and encourage them to sting in defence. Such actions will also make it more difficult for a beekeeper or licensed pest control operator to remove the swarm.

Call your local beekeeper to assist.