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Membership benefits

Members of the Barambah Beekeepers Club are able to:

– Participate in monthly meetings and events

– Get hands on experience with club hive inspections

– Sell honey through the club popup shop

– Advertise on the club classifieds web page

– Access club equipment, free of charge, such as de-capping equipment and extractors, 

– Access member only content on our website

– Attend club courses

Membership details

Membership starts from the 1st of February and is valid for one year. Choose from either individual or family membership.

All membership applications will be presented at the next general meeting for approval by the committee. We will contact you via email to let you know if your application has been successful. Your annual membership must then be presented in person to the Treasurer at your first general meeting as a member.

Postal address:
It is a requirement that members who have bee hives register their hives with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. When you register, you will receive a Registered Biosecurity Entity number (RBExxxxxx) and a Hive Identification Number (HIN), which consists of the first letter of your surname and a 3 digit number eg: T677. Please provide your registration details:
Members Register
The Association is required to maintain a register of members and must include the following particulars for each member:
  1. the full name of the member;
  2. the postal or residential address of the member;
  3. the date of admission as a member;
  4. the date of death or time of resignation of the member;
  5. details about the termination or reinstatement of membership;
  6. any other particulars the management committee or the members at a general meeting decide, such as email address.
Members Privacy
It will be of use if contact information for the Members is available to other members of the Association. Please place a tick in the box beside the information you would be willing to share with other members of the Association: